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Baby Safety Helmet Head
Baby Safety Helmet Head
Baby Safety Helmet Head
Baby Safety Helmet Head
Baby Safety Helmet Head
Baby Safety Helmet Head
Baby Safety Helmet Head
Baby Safety Helmet Head

Baby Safety Helmet Head

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😍👶Offer maximum protection to your baby with these helmets!👶😍

💁‍♀️The lightweight & breathable baby safety helmet offers the most ideal protection for toddlers during crawling/playing.🎁


1. Light Weight 
    Weight just 3 oz with thickness an inch. Although Add a little weight on the baby head on baby head, can provide protection for toddlers and kids from collision and friction during walking or crawling.
2. Adjustable Size 
    Fits from 17.5“ to 22.5" in circumference, Suitable for baby from 6 months to 6 Years old, offers maximum safety for your loved kids.
3. Breathable Cotton Material 
    The fill-in layer is made of high density and elastic sponge which can reduce the impact force when hit and also free from smell.
4. Washable With Water 
    It's very important to keep the hat clean. This baby helmet is washable with water and there will not be any deforming after repeated wash.
5. Soft & Padded Design 
    Provides a sense of comfortable feeling to the baby and will reduce the baby's head injures.
6. Protect Your Baby  
     This bumper does offer an anti-knock, anti-friction, reduced shock, cushioning effect, reduce baby's head injuries.

  • Our protective hat is soft and comfortable, but some infants still would not like to wear it. It doesn’t need to worry about it because they will get used to it after several times.

Material: Pure cotton fabric + sponge
Applicable Scope: wore by the infant when learning to crawl, learning to walk, and playing.
Size: 53*40cm( Adjustable Size )

Packing includes: 

  • 1 * Baby Safety Helmet Head

Customer questions & answers
Q: How dense is the filling foam? Is it like a bath/kitchen sponge, or more like a yoga mat?
A: We have one and our toddler cannot walk but is in a walker and runs into counter edges and corners and the foam is great and absorbs the crash and protects his head. It's more like the yoga but thick cushioned. It protects his head when He's rolling on the floor. We love it!!
Q: Child likes to hit the head when angry will this work?
A: It’s 1/2 inch sturdy foam. Comfortable for your little one. It certainly is worth a try.